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Concrete Doors And Vaults (Pty) Ltd

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Concrete Doors And Vaults (Pty) Ltd


  Unit 4, 1037 Anvil Road, Robertville, Johannesburg, 1709, South Africa

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    Concrete Doors and Vaults (Pty) Ltd specializes in the development and manufacture of novel and relatively high-tech reinforced concrete products that offer extreme protection against theft and vandalism of vulnerable infrastructure in the water, power, and telecoms sectors. The products are mostly made from heavily reinforced high strength 50/60 MPa concrete, such as a variety of sliding doors for securing pump stations and sub-stations, vaults for securing boreholes and control panels, lockable lids for securing valve chambers, ventilation panels for generator rooms, high masts for elevating Eskom transformers and solar panels out of the reach of vandals and all the above products are all secured by extremely robust patented locking mechanisms.

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